The Clinical & Chemical Pathology performs its services at the following laboratories:

I. Manial Adult Hospital

A. Main Laboratory

i. Clinical Pathology Laboratories

1. Haematolgy, Immunology and Microbiology units.

2. Molecular biology Laboratories

3. Cytogenetics Laboratory.

4. Flow cytometry Laboratory.

5. TB Laboratory.

6. Tissue typing laboratory

7. Postgraduate Laboratory

ii. Chemical Pathology Laboratories

1. Routine Chemistry unit (RC) (3rd floor)

2. Hormones and tumour markers unit (H&TM) (3rd floor)

3. Drugs, trace elements (D&T), Proteins, HPLC and research unit (2nd floor)

4. Molecular research and diagnostics unit (MDRU) (3rd floor)

5. Psychological Health Laboratory

B. Manial Specialized Hospital Laboratory (4th floor)

C. Maternity Hospital Laboratory

D. King Fahd Laboratory

E. Oncology and nuclear medicine Laboratory (Cesium)

F. Emergency Laboratory

II. Internal Medicine Hospital Laboratory

III. Pediatric hospitals laboratories

A. Cairo University Specialized Paediatric Hospital Laboratory (CUSPH- Japanese).

1. Main routine Clinical and Chemical Pathology Laboratory

2. Molecular Biology Laboratory.

3. Bone marrow pathology Laboratory.

4. Emergency Laboratory

B. Cairo University Paediatric Hospital Laboratory (Abou-Elreesh Al Monira).

1. Main Routine Clinical and Chemical Pathology Laboratory

2. Molecular biology Laboratory.

C. Preventive medicine hospital

1. Diabetes, Endocrinology and metabolic Pediatric unit (DEMPU)

2. Cardiology Project Laboratory

IV. New Cairo University teaching Hospital Laboratory (French)

V. ThabetThabet Hospital Laboratroy.